Sharyn Lonsdale: Proving that a Crazy Life and Family Can Give You a Second Career 
Kudos for Sharyn
I have been fortunate to receive many positive e-mails, letters and cards in response to my work. These are a few of them.

"I can't remember when I have been so pleased with an article about bullying and about my work. You grab the reader in such a personal way and connect him/her with the essence of the issue. You have a marvelous gift of keeping your readership engaged and pointing them to the nuances of children's cruelty to each other. But you also leave them with a sense of hopefulness. Thank you again for your superb column."
SuEllen Fried, BullySafe USA

"What a great article you wrote. I know that many of the entrepreneurs who attended will benefit from the exposure and engaging tone of your story." .... Bill Aderman, Landmark Mortgage

"Thanks for the great article which my publicist just e-mailed to me. You really summed it up nicely and it makes the book sound appealing. You're a real pro."
Eileen Goudge, Best-selling author of many novels and  "Something Warm From the Oven."

"We would like to thank you for the wonderful article you wrote in the March Issue of  Lee Magazine. We hope it will inspire people to consider recycling their items via our group. Thank you.". ... J.D., Fort Myers of FreeCycle

"I'm sorry to be so late in letting you know what an excellent job you did on the trolley story. One problem though - you made it sound so good I had dozens of phone calls wanting to know where they could sign up for the next tour." .... D.H., Englewood, FL

"I just wanted to thank you for the touching article you wrote about General Shelton's appearance. You captured just the right feel and spirit of the program. You have that special touch."   ... A.Z.,  Florida

"Thank you for the terrific article on Mr. Lichterman's program about the Environmental Learning Center. I have received several calls mentioning the excellence of your writing and the details that you included to bring the project into focus."  ... P.K., Program Chair

"Sharyn Lonsdale's story on Project Gateway Pride represents a classic example of accurate, professional, in-depth reporting. She captured the true spirit of our project and gave credit to those who deserve to be singled out."  .... Don, Rotonda West, FL

"Thanks for the great article. Hope you had as much fun as we did."
Kyan Douglas from "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"
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"A belated but very much appreciated thank you for the excellent article you wrote about our operation. We were very impressed with your journalistic professionalism also your quotes were accurate, your descriptions of our store and philosophy were on target and you did it all concisely and completely."   .... Heide and Ken Drum, owners of The Island Gourmet

"I just want to tell you what a great article you wrote and how much I enjoyed it. Having made some 25 copies, it went all over the world."  ..... Edgar Tafel, Architect, F.A.I.A.,  NY

"The message which I was trying to get across to the audience in my presentation came through in your concise reporting in a much better fashion than I had presented it. I have rarely seen such fine and accurate reporting in newspapers and I know the diligence that is required to get it ALL correct."
Thank you sincerely, Jim Shelton, BG, USA (ret.)

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